IATA Certified - EGlobeTrotting Private Limited

As a consolidator of contents we have an advantage and can quickly decipher the best possible combination of flights, hotels, insurance, car hire etc that perfectly suits the traveler schedules, convenience, requirements & budget. Using a combination of vast knowledge, experience and access to content via the GDS, we would be in an undoubtedly much better position to get the best possible. We offer offline booking, ticketing and other services to customers across a virtually unlimited area transcending state, regional and national borders. We are also equipped to open a facility at clients’ premises generally known as implant travel desk. This would be manned by a travel counselor (IATA qualified, managerial level personnel). Customer profiles can be created with no manual intervention to enable a streamlined sales process and synchronized profiles.

Our travel consultants and ticket experts guarantee quality of reservation and can provide flexible solutions which allow efficient management of business rules & practices. All predefined criteria are checked before generating the ticket. Each reservation itinerary is suitably formatted for mid & back office use. An automated capture of low fare recommendations are made available to the personnel which provides the flexibility to show all available options and provide accurate estimates to the corporates. Our access to real time link to the airline inventory system helps in providing dynamic service to our customers.

We have in place an efficient hierarchy enabling the corporates to escalate complaints, suggestions and feedbacks. Front line operations are under supervisors who are monitored by the account Managers in turn, further escalated to the Manager corporate services and then to the COO. Bench marks, targets, turnaround time and quality are maintained at all levels and service review meetings are conducted in house regularly to ensure smooth functioning. Cost benefits, revenue potentials are tapped by client specific negotiations with the Airlines and other vendors after identifying travel and usage patterns. Meet and greet assistance are provided within the parameters of the airline airport regulations. VIP lounges, pre-check in assistance, baggage check in, reconfirmation, help in lost/misplaced baggage, by and large a 24/7 support is what we are capable of.

You can also write to us at query@eglobetrotting.com with your queries.